Nancy B's Picks

Whiskey Beach

Roberts, Nora

Recommended by: Nancy B

Boston lawyer, Eli Landon finds sanctuary at Bluff House, the 300 year old home of his grandmother. For the last year he has been scrutinized for the murder of his soon-to be ex wife. 

Another great mystery by Nora with just a bit of romance. 

Nora Roberts does it again!!

THe Gods Of Heavenly Punishment

Epstein, Jennifer Cody

Recommended by: Nancy B

This is about Yoshi Kobayashi, a fifteen year old Japanese girl and her journey through the end of World War II. It is very thought provoking.

Out Of Warranty

Smith, Haywood

Recommended by: Nancy B

Haywood Smith is a true southern lady who writes about the south and southern folks. If you have ever dealt with insurance companies, drug companies, and  the medical profession , you may truly get a chuckle out of this story. 

I sure did.

Buffalo Bill's Dead Now

Coel, Margaret

Recommended by: Nancy B

Margaret Coel does it again. This story waffles back and forth from 1890, when Buffalo Bill was traveling Europe with his Wild West show to the present. It revolves around Chief Black Heart and his regalia which were worn by his ancestors and were to be returned to his people on the reservation.  Of course, they disappear from the warehouse at the airport and the hunt is on. 

Buffalo Bill's Dead Now is available at the library and the call number is MF COE.

Force Of Nature

Box, C.J.

Recommended by: Nancy B

This is another C.J. Box mystery with Joe Pickett, a Wyoming game warden.  Joe's friend, Nate Romanowski  was in a special forces unit in Central Asia when a  colleague did something terrible. This is coming back to haunt Nate as the colleague is killing everyone who may have known what he did. Nate knows what he must do to save his life and the lives of Joe's family. 

The Witness

Roberts, Nora

Recommended by: Nancy B

Abigail Lowery lives in seclusion on the outskirts of a small town in the Ozarks, where she writes sophisticated security systems. In addition to her own high end security systems she protects herself with, Abigail also has a well  trained, large, ferocious dog. She protects herself from the Russian Mafia, who are looking for Elizabeth Fitch, who as a seventeen year old, witnessed the murder of one of their own and her friend. They must eliminate her as the  FB who are also looking for her hope to put a big dent in the Russian Mafia's operations, with her testimony. Add to the mix the good looking sheriff who is very curious about the reclusive resident and you have quite a story. 

Ties That Bind

Bostwick, Marie

Recommended by: Nancy B

Ties That Bind, F BOS,  is the fifth book in the Cobbled Court Quilts series. Marie Bostwick has a very successful series about Evelyn Dixon, owner of Cobbled Court Quilts and her circle of friends. Book five  revolves around Margot Matthews, who is sure that at her age, her chances of finding true love, marriage and of having children are very slim.  Add to the storyline a new pastor, who turns out to be a female, and you have one very good story.  There is romance, but a very good story is what kept me interested. I highly recommend any of Bostwick's books. We have the series of five books. A Single Thread F BOS,  is the first book in the series.

The Wedding Quilt

Chiaverini, Jennifer

Recommended by: Nancy B

If you have been following the Elm Creek Quilts novels then this is a must read.  It spans 2 generations, going back and forth. Remember Sarah was pregnant with twins?  I can say no more than that without giving it away.  I now wonder where the series is going from here. Will there be another book in the series or is Jennifer going to write something totally different. I can hardly wait!!

The Beekeepers Apprentice

Laurie King

Recommended by: Nancy B

This is a story about Mary Russell who lives in Sussex England And is cared for by a very uncaring aunt. She literally stumbles upon Sherlock Holmes, who has retired to Sussex to become a beekeeper. They become tutor and apprentice. What follows for Mary is learning to become a good detective and  the adventures from  being associated with Sherlock Holmes. Watson is still there, just not a main protagonist in the story.

There are currently eleven books in the series, I am working on the second book.

The Best Of Me

Sparks, Nicholas

Recommended by: Nancy B

Nicholas Sparks does it again.  I believe this is the best novel he has published. It has past teen loves who come together for a brief time and I would not have guessed the ending, nor will I divulge it.  This is a must read.