Gifts and Donations

The library welcomes gifts and donations of materials and money for improving the library with the understanding that donated materials and money become the sole property of the library which makes the final decision on the disposition and labeling of the gift or donation.

The decision to include a gift to the library will be guided by the same principles and criteria applied to the selection of an item for purchase.  Donated materials that promote a partisan point of view will not be added to the library if their inclusion would affect the balance of views on an issue.  If a donor wishes the purchase of specific titles or subject areas, the library will determine if the requested material meets the criteria and principles set forth in this policy.


Materials not added to the library will be sold, donated to the library’s friends group and/or other not for profit/governmental entities, or discarded.  Money earned by the library from the sale of donated books and materials will be deposited in the library’s Gift Fund.  Money earned by the library’s friends group from the sale of donated books and materials will be deposited into the library’s programming and refreshment fund, designated within the Gift Fund.


The library will furnish appropriate acknowledgement for monetary donations, materials, or memorial contributions.  The library will not appraise or establish a value for the worth of donated materials.



Adopted by the Board of Library Trustees September 5, 1995,

last reviewed and revised, July 11, 2006