Circulation Policy


RESIDENT CARD- Library district residents, 16years old or older, residing in one of the eight townships (California, Center, Davis, Jackson, North Bend, Oregon, Railroad, or Washington) belonging to the Starke County Public Library System are eligible to receive a resident library card. 

Proof of residence must either be provided at the time a card is requested, or the card will be mailed to the resident’s home. 

JUVENILE CARD- A juvenile (age 15 and under) will be provided a card only if the parent or guardian signs a form accepting responsibility for the return of materials borrowed and payment of any fines.  Juveniles are restricted from borrowing audio and video materials.  However, a parent may sign a form stating that they will assume responsibility for the materials selected, their care, and timely return, thereby granting permission for their child to have access to these collections.

NON-RESIDENT CARD- Anyone not a resident of one of the library’s served townships, will be eligible for a non-resident card if his home library has signed the State of Indiana Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement, or if he has purchased a Public Library Access Card (PLAC).  A list of libraries which have signed the Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement is available at the Circulation Desk.  The home library card and personal identification must be presented before a non-resident card will be issued.  A card will be issued to a non-resident juvenile under the same conditions as resident juveniles.

The resident must present personal identification and a home library card before a non-resident card will be issued. The applicant must also be in good standing at his home library. A card will be issued to a non-resident juvenile under the same conditions as resident juveniles.

UNSERVED NON-RESIDENT CARD- An adult who lives in an unserved library area may purchase a non-resident library card from the Starke County Public Library by paying a fee that is set yearly by the Board of Library Trustees.

PLAC CARD- Public Library Access Cards (PLAC) are cards issued by the State of Indiana.  The purchase of a PLAC allows a patron to check-out books from any public library in Indiana. Borrowing of materials other than books is restricted.  PLAC are available for a fee which is set yearly by the State Library using a formula established by the legislature.

EDUCATOR CARDS– Educator cards for teachers and home schooling parents are also available. A separate Circulation Policy for Educators is available at the Circulation Desk.

Patrons need to present their cards each time they borrow materials.  If the card is not presented, the patron must show a photo ID and will be limited to checking out two items.  If the library card is lost, a one dollar fee will be charged for a replacement.

Under no circumstances should a person use another patron’s library card.  The result may be loss of borrowing privileges.




The loan period for books and periodicals is two weeks.  The most current periodical issues are not circulated.  Each card holder may check-out twenty books and ten periodicals.  An exception to these limits may be made at the discretion of the Head of Circulation during summer reading, or for extenuating circumstances.


Books may be renewed in person, by phone or over the Internet, two times.  Books may not be renewed if they are already overdue, or if a hold has been placed on the book by another patron.  Periodicals may be renewed.




Reference books do not circulate.  They must be kept available for all patrons at all times that the library is open.  Special collections (e.g. Indiana Room books) may have short or no loan periods.  An exception may be made for certain materials under special circumstances with the consent of the Reference Department or Library Director.



The loan period for entertainment videos and DVDs is  threedays. 

The loan period for CDs, non-fiction videos and DVDs, and audio books is two weeks. 

No more than five entertainment videos or DVDs may be checked on each card.

Five CDs, ten non-fiction videos,and ten audio books may be borrowed by each card holder.

Videos and audio books must be returned to the library location from which they were borrowed.



The loan period for the library’s circulating picture collection is three months, renewable one time only for another three months.  As many as three pictures may be borrowed on any one card.  If a picture is not returned at the end of the three month period, a phone call will be placed to the patron as a reminder.  If the picture is not returned, the replacement cost will be charged to the patron.



The library will borrow books and/or acquire periodical articles for resident cardholders through Indiana Share, Indiana’s interlibrary loan (ILL) system. There is no charge to the patron if an available copy of the book can be located in Indiana.  However, if the book comes from a library outside of the state or the Indiana Share Network, a fee may be charged for return postage.  Patrons may have a maximum of three ILL requests in the system at one time. Books that are loaned through Indiana Share come from libraries all over the United States. 

Since ILL books are on loan and are not owned by the Starke County Public Library, stricter penalties and fines apply for overdue and/or unreturned books.  Failure to return ILL books may result in replacement costs and fines from the loaning library as well as suspension of all library privileges with the Starke County Public Library System until the books are paid for or returned and all fines have been paid.

Patrons with overdue ILL books will be contacted by telephone the day after the book was due to the Starke County Public Library System.  An overdue fine of $1.00 per day begins accruing the second day after the book is due.  If the SCPL staff is unable to contact a patron by telephone (or the patron does not respond to the telephone notification), a letter will be sent registered mail/return receipt requested after the book has been overdue one full week.  If the book has not been returned two weeks after the date it was due, all SCPL privileges will be suspended until the patron returns the book and pays all fines, or pays the replacement cost of the book and all fines.

Renewal of ILL books depends on the policy of the lending library. SCPL staff will inquire if the book can be renewed.



Patrons may request that materials be held for them, except that holds will not be placed for entertainment videos or DVDs.  When the material for which a hold has been placed is available, the patron requesting the hold will be called.  Two attempts will be made to contact the patron in first place on the list.  If the patron cannot be contacted, the person in second place on the list will be called, and the first patron will be placed in the second position.  Once contacted the patron has two days to pick-up the material.  After that time, the next patron on the list will be called; and the first patron will be moved to the bottom of the list.




Checkout Limits

 Loan Period


Overdue Fines

20 Books

 14 days


$.10 / day / item

 5 Entertainment Videos or DVDs / card



$.50 / day / item

10 Non-Fiction Videos or DVDs

14 days


$.10 / day / item

  5 CDs

 14 days


$.10 / day / item

10 Magazines*

 14 days


$.10 / day / item

  3 Circulating Pictures

  3 months


Replacement Cost

Interlibrary Loan Materials (ILL)



$ 1.00 / day / item

*Current issues of magazines are not available for check out.



If a patron accumulates unpaid fines in the amount of five dollars or more, the library reserves the right to suspend all borrowing privileges.  A suspended patron may be reinstated by either returning overdue materials, or paying for their replacement, and settling all outstanding fines in full.

An overdue reminder will be sent to a patron when an item is one week overdueWhen an item is two weeks overdue another notice will be sent. Patrons will be charged $1.00 for each overdue notice sent.



 If a patron does not respond to the second notice, the library will issue a notification of termination of library privileges.  If a patron does not comply with the terms of this notice, all replacement costs, processing fees and fines must be paid in order to reinstate library privileges.  

Patrons may be turned over to a collection agency for failure to return or pay for articles borrowed from the library.



Patrons who claim they have already returned, or have never had, items charged to their card will have those items marked on their record as such. Overdue fines will cease at this point.   If these materials are not returned, recovered, or found within three months, the patron will be charged replacement costs.  At this point the materials will be deleted from the system and refunds for recovered material will no longerbe issued.



If an item is known to be lost or damaged, a fee will be assessed by the library. Only the cost of the item will be refunded. No refunds will be issued after three months.




The library charges 10 cents for each black and white copy made on its copy machine. Color copies are 25 cents each. Pages that are printed on both sides will be charged as 2 copies.   

All print-out and copy charges will be consistent with state law.

Patrons are reminded that there are legal limits on the duplication of copyrighted material.



The library owns a facsimile machine.  Patrons may receive a FAX for $1.00 per page, and send a FAX within the United States for $1.50 per page, $2.00 per page for an international FAX.


Notary Services

The Library offers notary services at no charge. Please call ahead and make sure the notary will be available at the time of your library visit.


Adopted by the Starke County Public Library Board of Trustees,  4/11/11